Welcome To Kelvin Miyahira Golf!

Welcome to Kelvin Miyahira Golf™!

Find out what’s going on and keep up to date with Kelvin Miyahira Golf™ through our free KMG Blog, as well as join our Membership for those looking to take their games and understanding to an entirely new level.   With Membership you will get access to over 75 highly instructional videos, where Kelvin explains in detail, and visually, many key concepts.   Welcome and enjoy our new website!

Update: Although initially designed to be a Website with an “Online Academy” component(subscription based), whereby these and other premium videos would be available to Members as part of the subscription, we have decided to make our membership free at this time. As such, we will be introducing the video lessons from the comprehensive Video Series over the coming months. These will first be announced and made available on our Blog here(in full or truncated form), and then reside (in their entirety) in our Member’s only ‘Videos’ page. This will act as a convenient library for Members to review moving forward.

 – Thank you, Kelvin Miyahira Golf™ Team


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